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What I do

Analyzing Needs

Whether in education, consulting or public appearances. Understanding the needs of students, colleagues or audiences always comes first.


Once the needs have been analyzed execution will be individually planned and solutions will be designed the fit all the needs.


After plans have been finalized execution will take place according to the plans and needs discovered before.

Some Statistics About Me

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What you can expect

Classroom Teaching

I love being in the classroom and giving interactive and individual lectures. No class is like the other and every class usually involves current happenings and developments as well as pop culture references in order to get students more interested and increase interactivity.

Education Technology

If possible I like to use technology for education. However only if it makes sense and promises to deliver appropriate results. I don’t force technology onto students but these days most students are quite fluent in all things tech so using this in order to increase understanding during and after lectures usually proves to work out quite well.

Public Speaking

Besides giving lectures I am also very interested in doing research and public speaking. Over the past few years I have developed a presence as conference speaker and get invited quite frequently to present latest researches.

What Students say

Anonymous Student

New Media Studies

I’m so glad I could be your student in this class. You changed my mind about New Media. Thank you for making this subject so much fun and interesting. I really hope to see you again in the future.

Anonymous Student

Online Business Management

Best class ever! Quite sad I can only take this one class with Aj. Sascha. More than happy with the lecture, assignments and they way he prepared us for the exam. Definitely the one class I learned the most.

Anonymous Exchange Student

Corporate Social Media

Wow. Amazing class. High expectations and intense but well planned and still with lots of fun. Learned so much during this class. Way better than the classes at my home University. Thank you.

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